Nail Services

When you come into a nail salon located within Ypsilanti Hair Salon, you are ensured to get a friendly staff and cozy seat to loosen up. Each nail technique offers top quality that customers like and they really want to ensure that they offer you the best nail service you need! You will experience a wide range of services like silk overlays,UV gel extensions, nail painting and art, and acrylic.

There are a lot of different nail services customers like and each nail salon do their best to give you nothing other than the most highest quality. Be sure to contact Ypsilanti Hair Salon to get the job done!

There’s nothing like a manicure or a pedicure to enable you to look awesome. Visit Ypsilanti Hair Salon and enjoy a affordable , comfortable and accessible nail service from one of our extremely qualified Nail Salon experts.If your searching for a full set, fill in or a simple polish change and every nail salons offer a variety of lavish colors, brands and products. Treat Your Nails! Get glossy gels with high impact color, new long wear Shellac, or your favorite shade at Ypsilanti Hair Salon.

Basic Manicure

If you are new to receiving manicures, begin with a basic nail treatment, without every one of the extra items. A nail expert will apply a cream, oil, or lotion to the fingernail skin first, then place the hands into a dish of warm water for around five minutes to soak. After the soaking procedure is finished and fingernail skin have been tamed, they will dry the hand, and ask what shape and length you favor. You can browse square, oval, squoval (a mix of the two), or the well known stiletto.


French Manicure

The ever-great French manicure is ensured to give you the spotless, exquisite look you want. The final product is healthy, vibrant and ideal for all events. You can’t go wrong with this look!

Gel Manicure

In the event that you need a long-lasting manicure without the obligation (or potential damage) of acrylic nails, a gel manicure is an amazing decision. This keeps going days longer than the clean utilized for a fundamental manicure, and is less inclined to chipping.

Shellac Manicure

Another well known type of manicure is shellac. Your regular nails are cleaned, filed, and shaped at the salon. However, unlike gel, this can actually make your nails stronger.

3D Nails

This sort of nail art is innovative. You can pick neckties, hearts, upbeat faces, or whatever plan your salon has in stock. These are connected particularly to the nails to make a seriously finished look. It empowers you to walk around with your own particular to some degree little diamonds! With 3-D nails, both you and your nail proficient are permitted to get imaginative.

Artificial Nails

A manicure isn’t ordinarily given while accepting an arrangement of artificial nails since it interferes with the bonding procedure between the extensions and the acrylic. If you choose this alternative, nail tips allow for a more personalized look. A lot of salons have the basic French tips, yet they likewise have all the more exciting ones with pre-made designs, in an assortment of colors.