A basic manicure is the most basic nail treatment that a salon can offer. This simple procedure involves cleaning the hands and fingers with a special polish remover, filing the fingernails, and applying a coat of nail polish. The polish is usually long-lasting and chip-free, so you can go out and enjoy a relaxing evening with a friend. A basic manicure can last anywhere from a few hours to a whole day, depending on the type you choose.

A basic manicure consists of removing all dead skin and cuticles from the nails, applying a cuticle oil treatment, and hand massage. It may not include fingernail polish. However, it is an excellent choice for a quick touch-up or changing color every few days. A professional nail salon can provide more detailed services, such as pedicures if you desire.

Getting a basic manicure includes:

  • Trimming the cuticles
  • Applying a cuticle oil treatment
  • Using a base coat and a top coat of nail polish

Some salons also offer nail extensions, which can be applied to short nails. If you’re unsure what type of service you’d like, you can always go for more advanced service. A more luxurious option is a full SPA manicure, which includes several steps and a higher price.

Featuring natural organic services and result-driven treatments, we are committed to providing you with insight on how to state better being by including luxurious spa pedicures & manicure treatments or stunning nail designs for both hands/feet that will leave them feeling rejuvenated! Our modern space also seamlessly combines appearance through top brand name products while a warm, welcoming atmosphere makes it an enjoyable experience from start until finish.

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Types of Manicures You Need to Try

We’re all about that natural nail trend, but we also know it can be hard to keep up with. Thankfully there are tons of different styles you’ll love and look great in!

You should try mani-pedis or have your nails done at home using Essie’s new gel polish collection (they even come ready painted). If rushing out isn’t an option, then take a page from our book by getting acrylics instead; they last much longer than traditional paints/topcoats without any laborers involved, which means less time spent worrying whether color choice matched what everyone else was wearing.

There are different types of manicures you can get. Some people like the traditional ones where they paint their nails with polish and call it a day, but if that isn’t your style, there’s always something for everyone! For example, gel-manicures use liquid gels instead of cream or natural nail colorants to give clients longer-lasting results; French tips make sure every single finger has some decoration while filling in gaps between fingers without any space remained uncovered by cuticle knife pressure—and don’t forget about pedicure services either which include removing dead skin cells from feet via exfoliation before applying moisturizer on top so all pesky dry patches will be gone by morning time at latest.

By providing the best service possible, we can deliver outstanding results, and our happiness is reflected in the quality of our work. Our mission is to provide everyone in our community and the surrounding area with professional, high-quality services and products at a reasonable price. Teamwork, experience, hard work, and innovation are all factors that contribute to the high quality of our outcomes. See us for cosmetic treatments performed by some of the best nail technicians in the area. Whatever your style or preference, we will do our best to accommodate you. Contact us now!