Extensions for the lashes

We are the only eyelash extension salon in the area that has been trained and is concerned with the health of your natural lashes. We specialize in natural to dramatic lash designs while keeping the health of your natural lash in mind. We have the most extensive inventory of the highest quality lashes, and we use them all!

There are numerous advantages to using eyelash extensions. Our clients report that they wake up feeling beautiful, that they spend significantly less time applying makeup, and that they feel less compelled to wear makeup in general. In addition, husbands and boyfriends are crazy about them!

When you say yes to life with gorgeous lashes, you also say yes to yourself. Our mission is to provide you with eyelash extensions that enhance your natural beauty while making you feel like you can take on the world.

Every appointment begins with a consultation with your expert stylist, who works with you to design a custom set of lashes. Do you want a show-stopping, eye-catching collection? You’ll benefit from our volume application method! You might be looking for something a little more natural. Begin by using our tried and true application method instead and looking for something in the middle? Hybrid lashes are beckoning you to come in! Every visit will begin with a collaborative effort between you and your stylist to create a stunning custom lash look that you can’t wait to show off!

There are thousands of different lash looks that can be created for other eye profiles and facial shapes—preparing for your appointment and looking for some lash inspiration? Take a look at these before and after photos of lash extensions.

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Why should you choose us?


We draw on years of experience to create eyelash designs unique to each client.


We only use the highest-quality materials for the softest, most comfortable lashes possible.


We can customize your look better than anyone else because we have such a large inventory of lashes in the most fantastic variety of lengths, curl patterns, diameters, and colors.


Our projects are carried out by the most current industry standards and techniques.


We are the only salon in the area that requires all new employees to complete a 4-week minimum training program. No Intern is allowed to graduate from our intensive Internship program until they have met our high artistry, artistry, and service standards.

Your eyelashes are as individual as your eye color in that they are not the same as anyone else’s. Our artists will work with you to create the look you want for your eyelash extensions, whether it’s okay and feathery, thick and glam, or anything in between. Allow us to assist you in achieving your best appearance.

During this consultation, you and your lash artist will decide on the style you wish to achieve. We have a wide variety of lash lengths, curls, diameters, and lash accents in a variety of colors and glitters to choose from. In addition to being fully licensed and certified, our lash artists also receive ongoing training to stay on top of the lash business’s most recent products and techniques.

Every lash appointment concludes with a discussion of aftercare techniques to ensure that your lashes remain strong and healthy! Get in touch with us right away.