Are you tired of waving your freshly polished nails around in the air to speed up the drying process. If so, you might expect, you now can have a high quality UV nail dryer, like one in a professional salon, at home.

Basically these units will save you time, as much as 10-20 minutes! The ultraviolet light and a small fan accelerate the hardening of the gel and acrylic coatings. There are many manufactures of these appliances.

UV Nail Dryer is an awesome standard dryer to effectively and easily dry manicures and pedicures, preventing smudges and mishaps that can happen when polish is even slightly wet. This nail dryer features a wide base with enough room for drying both feet. Just one touch of a button raises the dryer to allow the user to transition from manicure to pedicure easily. The user can choose from cool air, warm air, or UV light, and two heat settings are available so natural and acrylic nails can be efficiently dried. UV light and a carbon filter help to absorb fumes from nail polish and other chemicals to reduce offensive odors in the air. The nail dryer can be set on a timer of 1, 2, or 3 minutes, so you can be sure that nails are dried for an adequate amount of time without over drying or overheating. A special ergonomic hand rest made of comfortable rubber allows for resting one hand while the other is being manicured.

Everyone loves a great manicure/pedicure. It polishes the overall appearance like nothing else, and makes one feel more beautiful and confident. Often rushing out the door to the next errand or obligation, we leave the salon or the house with nails that may look dry to the eyes but are in fact still wet underneath. The result is inevitable smudging as we try to reach for our keys out of our purse or put our sunglasses on. There is nothing worse than ruining a great polish job within minutes of leaving the salon. The perfect way to ensure that manicures and pedicures stay perfect it to make sure that they are completely dry, and the best way to do this is to use a professional nail dryer.

Nail dryers are a great tool for the professional manicurist who desires to give her clients a perfect manicure that is protected from smudges, or for anyone who wants to make sure that their home manicure or pedicure stays looking its absolute best.

By using tools and equipment like they do in a professional setting, one is more likely to be able to replicate results as well as to provide an equally relaxing and pampering experience as they would get by visiting their favorite spa. Nail Salons offers shampoo and color rinse sprayers, facial steamers, and wall mount dryers – but their nail dryers are especially unique. Purchase a UV Nail Dryer.